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  • Butter, lard and fats

  • Iodised salt stablised with sodium hyposulphite

  • Full fat soybean flour, whole wheat flour, other high protein flours and baking powderse

  • Nuts with high oil content

  • Certain sodas, cattle licks (ie, salt blocks), or other foodstuffs containing reactive sulfur compounds.

  • Bone meal
Leather Goods Particularly kid or other leather goods tanned with sulfur processes.
Woollens Extreme caution should be used in the fumigation of Angora woolens. Some adverse effects have been noted on woolen socks, sweaters, shawls and yarn.
Viscose Rayon Those rayons processed or manufactured by a process in which carbon bisulfide is used.
N.B : Never exceed the recommended dosage or exposure periods for food or foodstuff commodities.
Prior to repeated fumigation, have the food commodity analyzed for inorganic bromide residues.
Photographic Chemicals Not camera film or X-Ray film
  • Silver polishing papers.
  • Certain writing and other papers cured by sulfide processes.
  • Photographic prints and blue-prints stored in quantity.
  • Blueprint papers
Rubber Goods
  • Sponge rubber
  • Foam rubber, as in rug padding, cushions, mattresses and some car seals.
  • Rubber stamps and other similar forms of reclaimed rubber.
Feathers Especially in feather pillows
Rug Padding Foam rubber, felts etc.
Vinyl, Furs, Charcol blocks and Activated carbon, Horsehair articles, Oil artworks, Sulfur-based paint & Cellphone

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