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Pest world's highly trained fumigation specialists are the leaders in the industry. Our fumigation teams are certified / accredited and comprehensively trained in safety and current techniques for fumigating all types of containers, ships, barges and structures containing food and non- food products. At all times you can rely on our expertise and knowledge of the latest and most appropriate fumigation techniques.

- Shipping and Cargo
Controlling insect infestation of bulk cargoes transported at sea and in dock.
(1) Break –Bulk Cargo/Vessels fumigation i.e. Offshore & Onshore Treatment
(2) Assessment of cargoes for insecticides and fumigants
(3) Disinfestation of empty holds
(4) Rodent and insect control solutions for food preparation and accommodation areas.
- Container Fumigation
(1) Treatments for both export and import containers using methyl bromide or phosphine
(2) Treatment of Palletized Cargo & Wood Packaging material , as per ISPM-15
(3) Assessment of import cargoes for fumigant residues
(4) Ventilation of containers imported under fumigation.
(5) All export fumigation to regulations of the destination country

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