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Our IPM Service Program provides superior food safety protection against rodent, bird and insect pests. Critical to our IPM Service design is protecting the quality and integrity of your products, as well as, your brand names.
Our IPM Service Design is based on following three main principles :
  • Exclusion : how to keep pests out of your premises

  • Restriction : helping prevent infestations through sound housekeeping practices

  • Destruction : eradicating pests whenever there is a problem

A successful IPM program requires a commitment from both PEST WORLD and the customer. By definition, IPM is the implementation of the best available options to control pests. The tools brought to you by PEST WORLD are specifically trained labor, equipment, and materials to control and prevent pests. The most important tool PEST WORLD brings to you is our expertise. Knowledge of pests in food plants, their habits, and the laws surrounding pest management issues is one of PEST WORLD's major assets. The customer controls the physical environment in which the pests are prone to inhabit and the customer's active participation is an essential element to a successful IPM program.

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